Covid Policy

All clients and staff must be fully vaccinated with boosters.

Masks should be worn in all confined spaces.

Social distancing should be observed in confined spaces.

Terms and Conditions


Reservations may be made via our website or by telephone, with follow-up deposit within 10 days.

Deposits (Group or private trips of more than three (3) days)
Basic deposit is $500 per person per trip for Alaska trips & international trips; $350 per person per trip for others. Check trip details for other deposits for long-distance or special trips. Balance due ninety (90) days prior to trip departure. We will invoice you about one month prior to due date. We reserve the right to regard your reservation as canceled if we do not receive payment as scheduled.

Payment methods

All payments must be made in US funds, either on-line or directly. We accept on-line or telephone payment by credit card only for deposits. All other payments must be made by check (made out to High Lonesome BirdTours), money order, cash or travelers checks.

Refund Policy: Our commitment to maintaining small groups wherever possible for your comfort and convenience dictates that we adopt a strict policy regarding deposits and balances. Please read below carefully:
Deposits are refundable up to 120 days prior to the trip departure, less a $50 per person processing fee. Alaska and international trips: $150 per person processing fee applies.
If we have already purchased tickets in your name, we will require reimbursement for these if the deposit does not cover it. Once we receive payment, we will mail the tickets to you for your use at a later date.
Any other balances paid are non-refundable within 90 days of the trip.

All participants are strongly encouraged to obtain travel protection to cover cancellations, delays, emergencies and unexpected illness. For some trips in remote areas or international destinations, we may require, at a minimum, emergency medical/evacuation coverage. Please see: “Buy Travel Protection” ( for direct quotes from our provider: Global Rescue. The link to their site for information and purchase is located under Book a Tour.

Trip Cancellation, Cost increases and Alterations

High Lonesome BirdTours guarantees that all U.S. domestic trips (lower 48 states) it advertises will occur regardless of enrollment. In cases where the enrollment for a trip is less than six (6) participants, we may have to re-compute the trip cost to reflect the lower enrollment. We will inform you within 30 days of trip departure if a price change becomes necessary. If the price increases more than 10%, we will refund all payments to you within 30 days if you choose to cancel the trip.

Enrollment requirements for International and Alaska trips will vary. Please call about specific trips.

Rarely, we must increase prices due to unexpected increases from our vendors. We will inform you as soon as we are aware of such an increase, usually no later than 30 days prior to trip departure, if a price change becomes necessary. If the price increases more than 10%, we will refund all recoverable payments that have been made to vendors to you within 30 days if you choose to cancel the trip.

Minor trip alterations (e.g., accommodations, excursions, etc.) may occasionally be necessary and may be made without penalty to High Lonesome BirdTours. Additional costs precipitated by trip alterations during the course of the trip that are caused by events beyond High Lonesome BirdTours’s control, e.g., weather delays, strikes, etc., are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Cancellations within 90 days of trip departure due to circumstances beyond High Lonesome BirdTours’s control including, but not limited to, acts of wars; terrorism; pandemic; earthquake; and other acts of God, will result in postponement to the next feasible date. Payments will be transferred to the rescheduled tour or applied to another tour of your choice.

Health restrictions

Our trips are not overly strenuous, although there are some segments that might be considered strenuous by some participants. In general, participants should be able to engage in light walking for up to three hours at a time. Participants are free to decline to participate in any activities.
We do not have any absolute health restrictions, but the participant is asked to inform us as to any health problems or restrictions that could affect trip participation so that we can discuss possible alternatives.

Other policies

Smoking on our trips is strongly discouraged since it is frequently incompatible with others and the environment. If you are smoker and wish to take a trip, please talk with us beforehand to ensure that we can accommodate you.
High Lonesome BirdTours reserves the right to terminate any member of a trip, without refund, who disturbs others with their smoking and refuses to alter their behavior accordingly.

High Lonesome BirdTours reserves the right to terminate without refund any participant at any time during a trip if the trip leader determines that such person is posing a significant risk or is a major disruption to other trip members. High Lonesome BirdTours is not obligated to reimburse a terminated participant for any additional costs incurred or for the cost of the trip.

There are risks and dangers inherent in any trip or travel that are beyond the control of High Lonesome BirdTours. Although we will take all reasonable precautions in order to ensure you safety, participants agree to hold High Lonesome BirdTours harmless in event of unforeseen events including, but not limited to: accidents or injuries beyond our control; acts of God, war or terrorism. (See Waiver and Release Form)

Trip information and materials

Equipment and clothing lists will be sent after receipt of deposit and at least six weeks prior to trip departure.
Other detailed information as needed will be sent within a reasonable time prior to trip departure. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have about equipment, birding, or anything else pertinent to your tour.