Alaska 2021. Barrow: Quest for the Ross’s Gull

Quest for the Ross’s Gull

October 04 – 09, 2021

Tour Length: 6 days
Est. Spaces Left: 0

Tour Leaders

Stephan Lorenz





Double Accommodation: $3,600/person
Single Supplement: + $600
Deposit: $750

Max Group Size

8 + 1 High Lonesome leader


Easy to Moderate ; Much birding from van, with some short walks

Future Departures

October 04, 2022

Tour Descriptions

Barrow is the northernmost city in the United States perched at the meeting point of the Chukchi and Beaufort Sea. The city offers some of the most productive access to high arctic tundra and the arctic ocean, while providing comfortable hotels, a variety of restaurants, and a thriving Inupiat community. This short trip is timed to witness one of the most special migrations in all of North America, that of the Ross’s Gull. Every fall thousands of Ross’s Gulls migrate along the coast near Barrow, offering an unrivalled spectacle of the rare and beautiful. The numbers of gulls varies per day and is usually higher during inclement weather, but we can expect to see dozens to hundreds.

Other species we hope for include Ivory Gull (rare), Spectacled, King, and Common eiders, plus a variety of other gulls and seabirds. We will spend most of our time at the base of the point and along various sea watching spots in town. If time permits we will explore the tundra along two roads; with great luck we may see Polar Bears and other marine mammals.



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Trip Highlights

Top Birds

Ross’s Gull, Ivory Gull (rare), Spectacled, King, and Common eiders. Snowy Owls.

Top Mammals

Polar Bear; Arctic Fox; several species of pinnipeds.

Other Attractions

Far north native village.


No Tour Extensions Listed

Planning for the Trip

Meeting Location

Lobby of Coast International Inn @ 6:30 PM, October 4, 2021


Basic but comfortable with private baths.


Round-trip air: Anchorage-Barrow, Pickup & drop-off at Barrow Airport, 5 nights lodging (1st & last in Anchorage), All meals, Ground transportation, All land use fees & excursions, Taxes and local tips (guide tip optional)


Airfare to Alaska, Drinks, Telephone calls, laundry and other items of a personal nature, Lodging before and after (we can arrange if you wish)

Habitats Covered

Far north tundra and Arctic Ocean

Expected Climate


Suggested Clothing and Gear

Valid, current passport (w/ 4 blank pages)
Visa (if required)
Credit cards / cash
Scope and tripod (optional)
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses
Water bottle
Small umbrella
Small day pack / fanny pack
Small flashlight
Mosquito/insect repellant (DEET 25% or greater)
Itch relief cream
Lip screen/balm
Prescription drugs – carry in original packaging to avoid customs problems
OTC medicines (antibiotics, cold/sinus, cough drops, eye drops, analgesic (Motrin, aspirin), anti-diarrheal)
Hair Dryer
Small alarm clock
Hat with brim/visor
Rain jacket/wind breaker