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Thanks for choosing High Lonesome BirdTours. Your time with us promises to be exciting and full of great birds and wildlife.

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High Lonesome Tour Booking Form

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    I/ we understand that many risks are beyond the control of High Lonesome BirdTours. In ACCEPTING THIS WAIVER, I/we voluntarily assume the risks of injury or property damage, and release High Lonesome BirdTours, its owner, employees, agents, and contractors from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for personal injury or property damage resulting from negligence or any cause. I/we CERTIFY THAT I/we have read and understand the Company's Tour Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms of this waiver, and agree that all these terms and conditions apply to any trip I/we may take with High Lonesome BirdTours.



    1) CLICK SUBMIT button to claim your interest in this tour 2) The next screen you will see is the PAYMENT page-THIS IS REQUIRED TO COMPLETING YOUR RESERVATION. 3) SUBMIT YOUR DEPOSIT within 10 days to complete and hold your reservation. Note: You should receive a confirmation message from us in your inbox. If not, check your SPAM FOLDER and put "[email protected]" in your approved contact list.