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“Just a brief note to thank you and Wezil for the wonderful High Lonesome BirdTour you put together. Not only did we see about every bird on the itinerary, we also loved our stay at Ramsey Canyon Inn. What an oasis in the desert!I cannot close without praising your fine choice of restaurants. What a treat after a long day of birding!
While I’m praising your tour, I don’t want to forget the one person, Wezil, our guide, who pulled it all together and made it all happen. You better hold onto to him. He is priceless as a guide! ” — HS, Glendale, NY

Forrest, I just want to tell you what a wonderful trip I had to SE AZ, with Wezil. He was wonderful, always sharing and teaching. He made the trip so great. — S.G. Lewes, DE

Northern Ecuador: We loved all of it…except that part when we had to leave. From the moment we were greeted by Juan Carlos at the airport with “You two look like birders to me” it was amazing. The food and wine were fantastic, rooms were very comfortable. Each day we felt as if we were waking up in some mythical, magical place where fantastic creatures were just waiting to be seen. With a final trip list of around 627 birds the highlights would take pages to list. Striolated Puffbird, Ocellated Tapaculo, Collared Plover on a Napo River Island, Rose-face Parrot, Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl, Lyre-tailed Nightjar, all the beautiful hummingbirds and Tanagers…the list goes on and on. Giant, Ochre-breasted, Moustached and Yellow-bellied Antpitta, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Orange-breasted Fruiteaters all in one morning combined with a fantastic home cooked hot breakfast at Refugio paz de aves was one of my personal favorite days. This was our sixth trip with High Lonesome…we can hardly wait for the 2013 Southern Ecuador trip! — P & P, La Veta, Colorado

“We are back safely from our trip and the only negative was the airlines. I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our birding experience and our first trip to Southeast Arizona. Wezil was extraordinary in so many ways and made the trip the success it was. I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable, able and energetic guide and we felt really fortunate to have him lead us. I know you must hear that often, but I did not want to fail to commend Wezil and the extra effort he made every day to make sure we had a great trip.Thanks very much and we will look for other opportunities to benefit from your tours.” — GS, Washington, DC

“Dear Forrest,Thank you for all the arrangements which, despite the best efforts of the weather went like clockwork and for all the superb guiding. You made it a real pleasure to be birding in Alaska.” –– CC, England

“I just wanted to drop you a line about your last Nome trip of the year. Both guides were superb. They were prepared, knowledgeable, courteous and willing to answer any and all questions. They worked well together and were fun to be around. M and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience as it was an excellent value from our perspective.We look forward to doing another trip with your company in the future. Thanks for a great time.” M & LT, Oklahoma

“Just back from three weeks in Alaska starting the trip as a participant on your Nome 1 tour. Having never been on a tour, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I believe the days in Nome were the highlight of my trip. Traveling in a small group made a huge impact. I believe everyone got along well and saw a great deal of awesome sights.I was especially impressed with our guide. He did an outstanding job going well above what I would have expected (he fetched coffee, cream and breakfast plates when the service was slow). He had really good enthusiasm and was very informative throughout the entire tour.
I also believe everyone else had a good trip which was also important to me. I picked up 11 bird lifers and 5 mammal lifers which are also terrific. The Emperor Goose at midnight on our last day shows how our guide went beyond the call of duty to make sure we saw everything possible. I had a great, great trip and thanks again.” — SS

“We had a great time on the Alaska Breeding Bird Tour. Kip is the best guide that we’ve had. He did a tremendous job in locating the birds for everyone and keeping everyone pleased. We’re very happy with the birds that we saw.Thanks for the excellent accommodations and gourmet restaurants on our itinerary. We also felt quite lucky in avoiding being fogged in as was the fate of other groups.”  — P & SL

“First, thanks, Kip, for such thorough documentation — and so quickly delivered. You showed us those birds as if you knew their home addresses!When they ask, I’ve been telling my friends that this was the best, most enjoyable birding trip I’ve ever taken. And of the many I have had, it was. Great birds, the varied state of Alaska, Kip’s fine guiding, you wonderful birding companions, the laughter, the beautiful scenery along the Denali Highway, the daily super-efficient door person, Nome’s breath-holding aviation moments, the great cuisine, the untold layers of clothing in the Pribilofs, the flawless unfolding of each day’s plans, Kip’s careful driving, the glaciers, the laughter, the shopping (of course) . . . oh, and the musk-ox!

Thanks to all of you for making the trip so memorable for me. I look forward to a reunion of our van-full some day, maybe in Texas. I enjoyed being with each one of you . . . and, actually, we’d all probably follow Kip anywhere! You really do have a remarkable guide in Kip. He has both fantastic birding skills and guiding skills, a combination that’s rare in my experience. And we all thoroughly enjoyed his companionship. I’d be surprised if the other participants don’t praise both him and the trip, as well. Both were exceptional.

Thanks for a lovely look at Alaska and its birds. And thanks for the great experiences that came with them. I’m still smiling.” – LM, Colorado

“Forrest, I just want to say on behalf of my whole group, how much we enjoyed the work of our guides in Nome from the 9-13th. They were both very helpful and professional. Even more so, they are both very nice guys and went above and beyond to get everyone the birds or just enjoy what we were seeing. I highly recommend both of them for any future trips.Thanks again for a great tour company you run. Hope to see you again in the future. Maybe in Gambell in a few years!”
JW, Oklahoma

“Small world this morning. My husband and I went on an Audubon birding walk. We met a couple who were visiting from Missouri, the man was sporting a Ramsey Canyon Nature Conservancy vest like mine. I mentioned I had just been there and showed my vest, mentioning your name. They had been on an Alaska trip with you. They raved about the trip and the food!I am still smiling about our wonderful trip around SE Arizona. Thanks for opening up so many new experiences. Enjoyed our visits and learning new birds, thanks to you and Scott. Hope we can travel and bird together again before too long. We are considering Southern Africa with you . . .”
BR, California

“I apologize for the delay in responding to K and L’s e-mails. S and I were busy telling everyone what a great time we had with you, our fellow group members and our peerless leader. . . Truly everyone did a fine job. Our group rapport, the icing on the cake, enhanced our wonderful experiences. ”PL, Pennsylvania
Thanks for another great tour. Where else can you see 8 Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls and 2 Central American Pygmy-Owls in one day? Add to that our superb guide, Alex, who worked so hard to make absolutely sure we saw the Blue-throated Motmot, Resplendent Quetzal, Keel-billed Motmot, and all the other target species of the trip. Lake Yojoa was beautiful. The high country was lovely.

The group was congenial and fun. I don’t think I will ever forget watching Alex take off on that steep trail and all of us plunging headlong after him running as fast as we could…(I did not dare stop…there were 8 people hot on my heels!) arriving breathless…and then having such splendid looks at the Blue-throated Motmot! 

The very cooperative Agami Heron at Cuero y Salado was a personal delight for us…to be able to have such great looks at the bird was an experience of a lifetime.P&P, CO


“Just got back after incredible Gambell II trip with your group. What professional people you have! Not only so excellent birders it’s hard to comprehend but how people friendly and helpful they are. I can’t imagine the logistics it takes to organize and execute ATVs, food, daily meals, lodging, etc. out there in nowhere. All this is so well done we birders
could concentrate 100% on the birdwatching. Once in the field every effort was made for all of us to get on the bird whether somewhere in a Boneyard or zooming past us out at sea. And special measures were made for everyone to see major birds, the Emperor goose and all 4 Eiders standing at one spot. Unbelievable how hard that is. I don’t think there are many, if any, better birders than David and Dave,particularly together in the field. Jennifer’s meals are home cooking at its best and I already miss them.” J.S. Florida

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